Mint Chocolate Chip Mousse Brownies

A soft chewy brownie topped with chocolate chip mint mousse and finished off with chocolate? You can almost feel those taste buds tingle at the thought of this palate-pleasing treat! With everything naughty combined into one sinful dessert, you’ll soon become a hit with anyone you offer these too! The brownies are easy to make and they store perfectly in the fridge…if they can get… [read more]

Homemade Green Enchilada Sauce

Put down that shop bought enchilada sauce and try this mouth-wateringly delicious homemade version instead! It has all the Tex Mex flavors you love, it’s super easy to make and it works great with loads of tasty meals! The whole family will enjoy this, plus with no added preservatives or any nasty ingredients you can be safe in the knowledge that you are eating good,… [read more]

Krispy Apple Treats

Transform rice krispies into a treat unlike any you’ve ever had! With the addition of Jell-o, you can create these unique apple-shaped snacks that everyone will love. Whether you are a kitchen pro or a complete novice, you’re sure to love this recipe! The apples are super easy to throw together and even the littlest hands in the family will enjoy making them! All you have… [read more]

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

A homemade loaf with a cinnamon sugar swirl running through it…bread doesn’t get much better than this! Not only is this a super tasty recipe but, when you cut a slice off, you can see the beautiful swirl in all its glory! It may look impressive, but this bread is actually easy to make! In fact, it’s good enough to fool your friends into thinking… [read more]

Twix Muddy Buddies

Also often referred to as puppy chow, muddy buddies are a cereal based confection that are seriously addictive! Chocolate, caramel and shortbread, this mix has got everything you could want and it tastes exactly like a twix bar! Quick and easy to make, these tasty snacks won’t keep you in the kitchen all day. There is just one problem with them though…you won’t be able to… [read more]

Red Velvet Poke Cake

Spoil your loved one this Valentine’s day with a sinfully delicious red velvet poke cake. With it’s vibrant red color sharply contrasted by white frosting, this treat will look dramatically impressive (as well as tempting!) on any dessert tray. The mouth-watering dessert takes no time to make…it’s indulgent, it’s decadent, it’s everything you want from a cake! To find out how to make this velvety recipe, visit… [read more]

101 Tasty Ideas For Things To Dip In Chocolate

This brilliant list is here to inspire your chocolate dipping! We’ve all heard of, and probably tried, dipping the usual ingredients like marshmallows, churros and strawberries but what about experimenting with something more adventurous like bacon, mint leaves or candied chili peppers? With 101 items to choose from, why not try dipping a different ingredient each time…if you manage not to eat all the chocolate… [read more]

Choco Flan Recipe

What do you get when you combine a light, sweet flan with a moist, fluffy chocolate cake and coat it all in a sticky caramel? This amazing choco flan recipe! The all-in-one dessert is not only ridiculously yummy but it’s easy to make too! Whip it up for a dinner party or a family get-together and it will be the show-stopper of the table! For… [read more]

100 Days Of No Processed Foods

It’s no secret that there are lots of hidden ingredients in processed foods, most of which we have no idea exactly what they are! Making smarter food choices will help to give you a more balanced diet and improve your health…with this list you can eliminate processed foods and still eat tasty meals! With everything from soups and sandwiches, to chicken, beef and pork dishes… [read more]

Ultimate Sourdough Cornbread Muffins

Moist, fluffy and sweet, these sourdough cornbread muffins are sure to become your new all-favorite bread recipe! Quick and easy to make, they are the perfect accompaniment to throw together at the last minute. With this fantastic tutorial you’ll be able to whip up a batch of these in no time at all! Mop up your gravy, have them with chili or simply slather them in butter…either… [read more]